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The Neighbor Funds platform is built to help local projects and businesses find the resources they need to succeed through crowdfunding. These are not investments. You are either prepaying for a service, making a donation, or supplying an interest-free loan. Our mission is to enable communities to better build themselves.

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Buffalo, New York, United States (US)

Mixed-Use Vehicle is a bus rehab project! Upon completion, it will serve multiple functions: mobile office, event space, recreatio...

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There are different ways that funds can be raised through this platform. These ARE NOT investments, but simply Donations, Pledges, or Interest-free loans. Hover over each type below for more details.


Contribute to your community by donating to a local project. If the project is being facilitated by a not-for-profit entity then your donation will be tax deductible.

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Donors are the real MVP's.

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Pledge money to a local project. In return you receive a gift. These gifts are original goods or experiences created for or from the project.

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These projects can't happen without you.

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Loan money to a project to get off the ground. Once the project grows enough, you will get your money back, without interest. Interest-free loans are risky and you are not guaranteed to get your money back.

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Someone believed in you enough to loan you money for your education or through your credit card - pay it forward!